Monday, August 9, 2010

Go Green!

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Give it some gas!
GENeco has developed new car powered by human waste, methane.  The Dung Beetle uses energy from that stinky stuff that we're all ashamed of but highly dependent on: POOP!

I could have a field day coming up with copy to promote this awesome new car.  Imagine the potty jokes that comedians will tell, tittering guests secretly embarrassed by the thought of it.

GENeco: Putting a new spin on "Junk in the Trunk"
The All-New Dung Beetle:

For when you really gotta GO!

I brake for Fiber

It runs when you've got the runs!

Hyper-Diaper Recyclers!

We recycle your poo so you don't have to

Gas and Go

The Coupe De Poop

Honk if you're constipated

You say, "What a pile of s#*t" like it's a bad thing!

Traffic tip: Gas to Pass

For on-the-go families.

Roomy enough for the whole poop troop

Wait, I think I feel a 60 mph dump coming on

Innovative technology: from oil pan to bed pan

I'm sorry, I can't get to the phone right now, I'm powering my car.

Drink your prune juice, kids. We've got a lot of errands to run.

Who forgot to flush?  Now we're stuck here!

Now you can have your own legal meth lab

Just say Go

No more need for potty stops, it's built in

Sustainable fuel source?  We call him Uncle Fart.

Toot your horn, and your engine

XL Ex-Lax for the X-way

Benefiber: now super-charged for your frequent trips

Have you seen the new gov't Fleet?  What a stimulus package!

Hello Roadside Assistance, I need a jump start.  Could you bring some Miralax?

Step 1: Pull my finger; Step 2:  Push accelerator

Really officer, I was sitting at the light, and "poof", the chili kicked in.

Honey, did you buy more air fresheners for the car?

Ad Jingle: doo-doo run run run...

I could do this all day, what fun!  But seriously, joking aside, this is a wonderful innovative idea.  If only we could use the stuff of our gigantic landfills to power our greedy systems. 

Check out this interesting article explaining how it works: