Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray!

I finally broke down yesterday and went to the doc.  I've had the flu, then recently my chest hurt and I saw stars when I coughed...that can't be good.  I have bronchitis, sinus infection and laryngitis which makes my voice go in and out.  I feel knocked over, but a Mom's life doesn't stop, right?  My schedule doesn't have room for rest, which the doc stressed to me about 5 times.  Not. Gonna. Happen.  

G's Parent/Teacher Conference was this afternoon.   As I dropped G off this morning, I seriously considered cancelling and rescheduling. After all, I'm there pretty much every school day.  I speak to his teacher, his aide, and the Principal almost daily.  I also get a detailed report from his aide sent home so that I can keep track of his social/behavioral progress.  This way I can address issues right away with him.  But the teacher was busy when I went in this a.m., the opportunity to cancel was not to be.  I'm so glad!

G got stellar marks in academics and excellent assessments on behavior.  This was a report that I would have been happy about for my Neuro-Typical kiddos!  Plus, he's getting assessed on the same scale that all the students do.  Total inclusion.  With help. 

Before I get all swelled in my Proud Mama head, I have to remember that this is kindergarten, so she is used to seeing a wide range of ability and behavior.  But still, I'm so relieved.  All the appointments, struggles, worries, tears, research, and work, work, practice, practice has finally come to a documented improvement moment.  4 years of daily battle against the unknown, the puzzle that G is.  We're by no means finished.  His 3 Special Ed (OT, Speech, Social Skills) Assessment scores were subpar, but that will be an ongoing, ever-changing issue.

I'm thrilled to report that today was the first ever trip home from any assessment, teacher meeting, diagnosis, or any appointment where someone sits across the desk from me and delivers itemized results/criticism about my G -  that I HAVE NOT

Cried all the way home!

Not one tear!  We still have plenty of work, and as the years progress, the gap between G and his peers may become more apparent.  But then again, maybe not so much.  He surprises me each day.

This news was the finest medicine ever!  
Besides laughs and hugs from my kiddos.  :)

For today, I'm bursting with joy!  I'm proud of him and thankful for each and every therapist, doctor, and teacher who have brought us to this shining moment.  There simply are not enough ways to express my gratitude.  

Go Team G!!!