Monday, October 22, 2012

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Stress by Numbers: The Quirky Report
This marvelous dance of life gets mighty frustrating 

I love that this sign goes with 
my cha-cha motto

Employment stress:
5,000 steps forward, 500 steps back
1 step forward, 500 steps back x 1,000
Weight loss  YoYo Struggles:
5,000 steps forward, 2,500 steps back x 100
Infertility Issues: 
one step forward, 1,000 steps back
1,000,000,000 forward x 2, 0 steps back
Dysfunctional Extended Family Conflict: 
1,000 steps forward, 1,000,000 steps back
Friends (Chosen Family) Support: 
100,000 steps forward, 1,000 steps back
Marital Strife:
1,000 steps forward, 5,000 steps back
1,000 steps forward, 500 steps back
Autism Acceptance: 
25,000 steps forward, 15,000 steps back
Autism Coping: 
50,000 steps forward,  100,000 steps back
Autism Therapy: 
100,000 steps forward, 25,000 steps back
Autism Advocacy: 
5,000 steps forward, 1,000,000 steps back
Autism Life Lessons:
1,000,000 steps forward, 0 steps back

...and so on,  You get the idea. Not a walk in the park.
Just like everyone else, we're each fighting our own battles.

I'm surely glad that I'm not 
a mathematician.
I'd be completely depressed at the sum total of back steps. 
Then again, maybe not. 
I try my best not to dwell 
on subtractions, 
focus only on additions.

Life lesson: 
Step out of your box.
Go forward. 
Take baby steps.
Take giant steps 
when you're up to it. 
Accept that no one knows what you'll step into until you do.
Keep dancing...
turn up the volume, kick off your shoes, sing loudly, laugh, dance!
Let it all out

Don't tally your problems. 
Count your lessons.  Learn. 
 Press onward.
Your journey, your strength, is what counts.


These cowboys look like the're having a blast!

I'm not a big country music fan, but this sure is a romantic idea to with your sweetie. :)