Thursday, November 25, 2010

Touched by the Spectrum's Light

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I was elected to give the Thanksgiving meal prayer last night at a family celebration.  I spoke of gratitude for our blessings of health, happiness, friends, family, our security, comfort, and the meal.  Pretty typical stuff.  I asked if anyone had anything to add.  The only one who piped up was G, the youngest by far at a table of 10.  In his painfully slow, searching for the right word, broken with uh's and ah's speech,  
"I'm thankful for my desk that we gave to Uncle S today. 
And...I'm thankful for my life." 
So autistically abstruse: a mundane, irrelevant thought followed by the profound.  I'm forever astounded by G and his enlightened words.  We are all blessed by his life.

Thank you Lord for my gifts of family, friends, love, laughter, creativity and the pursuit of knowledge.