Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Autism Hacks #18: Happy Feet!


What's more exhilarating than echoes in the hallway?

After a long day of M-STEP-ing, G kicks up his heels to the rhythm of his singing sibs at their High School Spring Concert... the hallway with 40 feet + 2 sets of blessed soundproofed doors between proud families and his Happy Feet.

Anxious for another day of standardized state testing, G was a bundle of energy and nerves. He jumped around in his seat, unable to get comfy. He followed me around (and in front - edit!) while I shot pix for the Choir department. I had to rouse Dad from his post-hectic-workday-music-appreciation-reverie to jump in for duty. Energy drink in hand, Dad took him out to the car during crowded intermission period, played hand games in their "way far back" seats, bought goodies, kept him on the inside seat (though G squeezed to the aisle 67 times to shadow my volunteer pursuits). Funny word, shadow. Perhaps highlight?

Please don't mind the Pesky Photo Mom and her Photo-Bomber.

Coaching whispers:

watch where you're walking

bend over, you're in their way

don't stand so close to them

don't touch the camera

no electronics now

it'll be over soon

do you have to go potty - you're so jumpy!

yes, I saw that too

I can't talk right now


Teamwork, tag team...we made it work. Today: Day 2, Breakfast in bed to power up for my EXTREME test anxiety kiddo. Go G!

Fun night! Applause and shout out to my awesome teen singers. Lovely M sang in a small Chamber group - surprise, Mom! N was busy Stage Assisting as usual, sang in several difficult pieces with his esteemed Choral group.
Loud and PROUD!

The kids request a pic with a respected friend who joined the choir for the alumni invitational finale. I was lucky to work with this gentle soul as a ParaPro. A fun reunion for all.

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