Friday, February 4, 2011

Black and Red - and White Stripes - All Over


I was sad but not surprised to hear disappointing news from Detroit this week.  Our famed music city lost another band, the gritty-rocking-punk- bluesy White Stripes.  The band of 2 officially broke up with a sweet parting letter to their fans (see 1st freep link below).  I gave the band their due mourning: I enjoyed reading heartfelt articles, viewing stunning photos and watching loud and sharp-twang tunes.  This talented man has earned many kudos for bringing a new style to rock.  Armed with a meager budget plus youthful mettle and pluck, he made a name for himself – lauded as one of the top guitar players in the world.  Ever! 

In recent years, Jack White’s moved on to other projects, diverse bands, up-tempo locales.  He’s far from finished showing us his stripes.  Rock on, show us your spunk, Detroit Man.

Read this retrospective:

Live this author’s lively DIA concert experience:

If you haven’t watched the rock-u-mentary “This Might Get Loud”, do.  It’s a fascinating view into the influences of 3 legendary guitarists of our time: Jimmy Page from the 70’s, The Edge from the 80’s, Jack White from the 90’s.  They’re all still kicking it out, and teaching each other their styles. 

Even if you don’t like Jack White’s style, after watching “It Might Get Loud'” you’ll understand his fame and unique mark on rock/guitar culture.  My husband isn’t a punk-garage music fan and he “got it”.   He was most impressed by the fervor which Jack attacked his guitar during a concert - so hard his fingers bleed, and he kept jamming.  That my friends, is dedication to a craft. 

white stripes swankLoving the swanky look.    Photo credit: Autumn de Wilde

Photo features from Detroit:


Rolling Stone Photo photo-spective:

And another, highlighting his varied “guises”:

Good wiki-views of Jack’s colorful background, music and accolades: