Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Eye of Hurricane G

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I peeked in to see if G was sleeping this morning to discover him intently poring over a book, fingers running over the words, moving his lips like he was reading, studying the photos, turning the pages.  He did this for 10 minutes, while I called the whole family up individually to watch this wonder through the crack in his door.  My turbo-energized boy wouldn't sit still for a whole story a year ago, only started attending to read-aloud books a few months ago, and now he's yearning to read! 

My little late bloomer can read a few sight words, but may soon be putting together letters to truly read.  I'm thrilled beyond words...pun intended.  It's time to pull out the software and dvds, pick up speed and teach him while he's motivated, catch him by storm.  

We have hundreds of books for him and from my older children, but G picked out new-to-him nonfiction weather books at a garage sale this week - best $3 spent EVER!  ;}