Thursday, February 26, 2015

Adoptive Parent Conversation No-No's

Good read on common questions adoptive parents get asked and how they hurt:

I find it flabbergasting how many strangers or distant acquaintances ask intrusive/rude questions about adoption. What I've gotten most often is: 

Quizzical stare at my fair complexion and back to my bronzed beauties,

"Are they yours?"

In a perfect world, I'd always be prepared with a snappy response. 
#1: Why? Do I look like a kidnapper?
#2: Why? Do you want to know?
#3: Why? Do you call my children "they"?
#4: Why? Do you ignore that "they" are right here?
#5: Why? Do you think you're creeping me out?

My fave fantasy comeback scenario to this comment; never had the guts...

Nosie Rosie, pointing to my kids:
"Are they yours?"

Me, pointing to her boobs:
"Are they yours?"

Truly, is that not on rank with this brazen personal question? Call it tit for tat, wink wink.

While these questions are difficult to navigate for us adoptive parents -
Please folks,
I beg you to have
a bit of compassion
and NOT ask
insensitive questions
in front of
yes, they're mine.

Looking for adoption info, resources, advice, support?
Bring it! :)