Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We're All One of a Kind: Let's Ace It!

I was dealt a smooth ACE skipping around social media today...
Here's how a social media scan typically goes:
90% 》scroll
5% ×check/like/comment/scrap
3% >>share w/friend/social media/self
2% >>>Jump around site, intrigued

Sound about right?

I clicked an article about anxiety on Twitter, being highly relevant (eek!). I instantly fell into the author's personal raw admission and epiphany. Turns out, the author Hayden is an Aspie with a personal mission. He and a partner teamed up to support Aspies and coach them to self/life success. Further research (jumping around site!) needed, but I truly admire his heartfelt writing style and positive approach. From casual scan, they offer coaching services and paid video webinars (ages14+), as well as a host of helpful tips, Aspie-directed inspiring blog posts and free webinars on their site. Way to pay it forward, Asperger Experts!

I'd like to share Hayden's blog post that moved me emotionally, then compulsively (acceptance! hehehe) to share. Well done!

Recalls to mind this delightful Dr. Seuss quote, a favorite. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

No one is
Than YOU!

Bravo, Asperger Experts, Hayden. Your fresh message was worth exploring...and sharing! Thanks for the hope and guidance you offer to the Autism Community.  :)
More info:

Celebrate your quirks 

Celebrate your strengths

Celebrate your YOU-nique-ness!