Tuesday, July 19, 2011

PDQ #2


Perky’s Daily Quirk (PDQ).

Temps are forecasted to be in the high 90’s all week.  When I made out my grocery and meal plan for the week, I decided cool had to rule.  No oven or stove usage, just micro or fridge items.  Yesterday I made a large batch of my family pleaser Tuna Noodle Salad.  It fits the bill as having a little from each food group when I serve it with fresh fruit. 

Today as we came in for a quick lunch, M grabbed the noodle salad from the fridge, “I’m starving!  I’m Summertime_Tuna_Pasta_Saladmaking a tuna noodle salad sandwich.”  LOL, now that’s some serious carb loading!  Of course I stopped her, but my lucky skinny mini M could pull it off.



Love it! Welcome to my new segment. Do you have a daily-ism to share? Share it!

PDQ #1


Perky’s Daily Quirk (PDQ). 

I made up my own acronym for quick snippets of life that I’ve coined daily-isms. Growing up, we said PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) to mean: get a move on!  Here goes, can’t wait to share the lively fun of our daily-isms via PDQ.

G, “Owww, something just bit my tooth!” 

Love it!  Welcome to my new segment.  Do you have a daily-ism to share?  Share it!