Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Napper Flapper


Every once in awhile I get caught up in ridiculous “normalism”.  That is, thinking in a logical manner or insisting upon something that simply DOES NOT MATTER.  I think my brain can only handle so much random, chaos, unknown and “isms” until I crack and hyper-focus on silly mundane points. 

My daughter bought a Happy Napper with her allowance money yesterday during our girl’s night out shopping (love to bond with my darling daughter, easy-brightly-smiling-tween and loads of fun).  She’s in the funny stage of being too old for some things, yet not for others.  I’m thinking these are ok because they’re useful?  Who knows.  Some of her friends still play with Barbies, so I’m ok with a pillow.  I’m in no rush for heels and makeup.  So, M picked the pink LadyBug, which she called LoveBug.  Later at bedtime I asked her if she’d named it yet, and we set about suggesting names and voting.  She decided Lulu the LoveBug was best.  Cute! 

G DogG had gotten one about a month ago, after begging for one for a couple months.  He wore me down (and I must admit they’re cute). See G happily sticking his tongue out like his doggie Happy Napper in the shopping cart after Tae Kwon Do.  He tried to slide the gold lion in – hmmm - it mysteriously disappeared.  Winking smile   I forget what he named his then, if at all, it was fleeting.  He’s not big into personalizing stuffed animals or humanizing (friending) behaviors.  Anyway, I asked him what his doggie was named.  He said, “LoveBook” (must be what he thought we were saying with M’s "LoveBug”).  Picture scrunched brows and quizzical expressions on our faces.  I told him that it sounded just like M’s name, and he should make his a different name.  He protested, screeched and flapped.  But M and I persisted.  We kept up with funny suggestions (Herbert, Sailboat, Jaws, Easter Bunny, Shaggy and the like) until he calmed down, laughed and got involved in our discussion.  He chose one after we got into more serious “normal” names (we wore him down, lol).  His doggie’s name was officially “Spot”.  I know, totally unoriginal - but more socially acceptable in my mind than LoveBook (sounds a bit naughty, ewwww).  So Spot he was…

…But G showed me up as usual.  Silly Mama!

Today I asked them to tell Daddy their Happy Napper names.  G exclaimed, “Spotted!"

Hilarious!  He puts his G stamp on it always.  Gotta love it.  This is sure to fall into the ranks of familyisms, those events or terms that aren’t truly understandable or funny until you get the “backstory”. 

Spotted he is, dearest G! 


If you’re not familiar with Happy Nappers, you must not watch kid’s tv.  It’s on every commercial break, I think.  The song pops into my head at random times: gas station, bottle returns, mowing lawn.  I need a life.  Winking smile