Thursday, August 12, 2010

I wish I had a dime for every time I wanted to...

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Did you ever bite your tongue so hard it bleeds?  Ever ignored rude comments when you really want to put the toxic person in their place?  Ever hustle your kids out of a situation to avoid other's reactions?  Ever cry with embarrassment over someone's stares?  
An ASD Warrior Mom friend graciously forwarded this idea to me after our horrific scene at the theater* last week.  TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) offers a convenient get-out-of-embarrassing-situation card.  Factual and politically correct, this card can be handed to the unenlightened and/or rude person who is staring or commenting.  In the best case, it'll avoid a scene while making you feel like you didn't let someone push you away from an enjoyable outing with your family.  It's polite enough to give to a friend.  Thanks TACA!  While it wouldn't have worked to diffuse the situation at hand in the theater with Psycho Mama last week, it would've been great to have one of these to shove at her and let her read later, hopefully ashamed. *

Maybe if we educate one ignorant person we can save another person/family with disabilities from their scorn.  For a dime, I would gladly do so.  100 cards for $10.00 from TACA.  Or make up your own. 


My Child's Behavior May Be Disturbing To You.

My Child Is Not Spoiled or Misbehaving.


Over 1.5 million children in the US are affected with Autism.

With the CDC now reporting that 1 in 91 children have Autism, someone you know probably has Autism in their family.

Thank You for Your Support & Understanding, and for Being a Friend to a Family with Autism.


Autism Is a Devastating Biological and Neurological Disorder that Can Effect Individuals in Different Areas:

1. Troubles with Communication (both verbal and non-verbal, including the possibility of no speech, or appearing deaf)

2. Social and Learning Skills (unable to understand social cues and situations, including waiting in line, or unplanned changes)

3. Strange or Odd Behaviors (such as tantrums, hand flapping, repetitive sounds, yelling out, or obsessive behaviors)

4. Sensory Issues (for example hypersensitive hearing and vision, or aversion to being touched)

5. Medical Problems (including severe headaches, gastro-intestinal problems, severe food allergies and many others)

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