Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PDQ #28 Woman Up and Get Real

I caught yet another messy virus, a byproduct of kiddie contact 24/7: temp, cough, sinus, aches.  As I sit here feeling miserable and pondering slipping back under my blankets after G gets on the bus, I scroll through facebook and I'm reminded of reality.  The world is indeed bigger than my stuffy nose.

A high school friend is waiting anxiously for surgeons to finish her son's brain surgery (cancer).  She lost her mother this past year and is mourning her support.

Another autistic mom friend is taking care of her brother (also my friend) who attempted suicide last month.

A family friend prays as her niece and nephew wheel into surgery.  Her niece is donating a kidney to her brother.

Another sweet friend brought home her baby yesterday for the 1st time in months.  His heart defect has kept them at the hospital for most of his short life.  He's on a ventilator, but HOME.

Blessings and prayers to all who have real life and death struggles.  My heart goes out to my strong mama friends.  Keep up the good fight.  Love you.  xoxo

Sniffles, coughs and aches?  It's time for me to woman up, take some sinus meds and get on with my day.