Tuesday, November 22, 2011

PDQ# 24

G and I picked up M at middle school andx took off for OT.  M's career ambition is to be an OT.  A perfect fit for her athletic skill, extreme patience, sunny disposition and love of children.  She loves to watch G do his OT.  I try to explain to her what they're working on, based on my book knowledge and the excellent communication/feedback I get from his OT.  G's benefitted double for a month or so because another student has been observing and helping.  So inspiring to see these young professionals put so much planning into his sessions.  They light up when he reacts and patiently guide him when he gets stuck.  M takes it all in.  She walks back and forth in the observation room, straining to get a perfect view, follows along with his movements, squats down to watch closely, and whispers excitedly every 2 minutes , "Did you see that ____?"  

G made a list of our schedule tonight before we left home.  No pictures, which I found surprising since he's been making visual schedules often recently. 

Home N Dad

We ate at Steak and Shake (marginally healthier and the shake idea won him over, to M's delight.  Running to the car in the pouring rain, G jumping, splashing in every puddle in the lot, "This is the best 'Girl's Day Out' ever!"  Oh, he knows he's a boy alright, he just loves his girls, Mom and M.  Sweet.

2 stores later as we entered Marshall's, "I know why we're still shopping.  I didn't cross it off the list yet!"  Gotta love his logic.

I was looking for a household item, but G ran to the shoes.  Marshall's totally rocks our shoe habit.  I pretty much look and drool, with a faraway glaze over my eyes.  G and M love to try on shoes.  Both heels and boots.  Another year or so and I'll have to stop G, but it's harmless and cracks us up.  He loves patent leather and sparkles.  M likes funky, my kinda gal, but with heels.  Seriously though, I get great deals for the kids' shoes which keeps us going every few months as one or more grows.  Fun! 

G crossed it off his list at last.  Onward home to follow the bathtime story I scratched out in a fit of panic last week as a last ditch effort when he was uncooperative.  I'm going to need to copy and laminate it.   Though clearly not indicative of my expensive Art Degree, no changing or re-do's allowed.  He'd have a cow.  But of course he tells me each night that it's supposed to be "Dry off", not "towel" like I say.  And I notice that he's put a few extra xo's in before the shower.  Alway's room for that! 

G loves that new little secret of x and o...each night he comes and kisses and says "O!"  Then a giant, "X!"   


PDQ #23

G is really loving picture schedules now.  At long last! 

He loves to draw them at OT, and I'm thrilled to see his natural drawing ability.   Today he 's allowed to write on the 2-way glass.  Such a strange experience to have him looking right at us, but not seeing. 

Let's hope he doesn't take a marker to our windows or mirrors at home!  Not that I care about the clean up, but if he makes it a habit, he may carry it to other environments where it will not be welcome....Grandma's, mall windows, school.  Lol