Friday, October 15, 2010

Political Pundit

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Being an avid "Garage Sale-r", I taught my kids at a young age to watch for signs along the road.  They love the thrill of the hunt as much as I do - let's face it, most of what I'm looking for is for them!  G's no exception.  Between pointing out garbage trucks, mail trucks, fire trucks, holiday decorations, etc...G announces EVERY sign, every day, "Garage Sale!"  Car rides get deafeningly loud between my bad singing, laughing, lecturing or yelling, 3 kids being kids, traffic and G's loud broadcasts. 

G's learning that not every sign = Garage Sale.  We try to read signs to him to help him understand that each sign has different words and messages; to help him travel down that road to reading (apologies for the obvious pun).

This morning as we were driving through our sub, G recognized that the signs on front lawns were not "Garage Sale" signs, but something different.  G came up with his own new message - declaring,
"Poop Sale!"every few houses.  It took me a minute to notice that the signs he was labelling were political signs.

A really inconvenient name for a candidate
Yes, my silly G, you are more intuitive than we imagined.  Many agree that politicians are selling a load of poop!  Gotta love the innocent comments from children taken in a different context.   

I'll bet she wishes she had a crystal ball a few years back...

Be positively CONFUSED!
Really?   ...who talked him into this?

Funny Road Signs (aka: funny stuff I found online at 2:00 am)

 Real Poop Signs (aka: funny stuff I found online at 2:10 am.)
I'm sure glad they included the disclaimer!
Yes, you too can own this...
Wear it loud, wear it proud!