Wednesday, May 25, 2011

iSpy Autism-Friendly Apps Proudd Presentation

During a random "housework avoidance" moment this afternoon, I checked email for important updates. A friend posted on Facebook that she was watching a live feed on idevice apps.  I clicked and was immediately scrambling for paper to take notes.  35 minutes later, ZERO% of my laundry is folded, but I have lots of pricele$$ info!  I thought I'd share the love - so your laundry can pile up too and make me feel better about mine.  :)

Entitled, "iDevices iFun iFunction" , the iopening presentation gives info on idevices, iapps and uses for our autism kids.  Check it out! 

The presenter's website is:
I want her job.  :)

Here's conference info.
If I drive to Chicago really fast....
Well, no...I've got apps to download. 
Oops, I mean laundry to fold!  ;p

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