Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rocking 80's Style

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U2: success...
The Sweetest Thing
My husband and I were discussing upcoming plans at the dinner table. 
I mentioned my plans for a Ladie's Night with some high school friends in a few weeks. 

I said excitedly,
"We're going out for dinner and then dancing - to an 80's band!  Doesn't that sound fun?" 

My 11 year old son burst the bubble of my schoolgirl excitement with,
"Wow, really?  They're still alive?"

I gotta say...not only are these bands still jamming out some primo tunes, but they're looking better than ever...or maybe my eyes and tastes are adjusting as I

David Byrne:
Still Burning Down the House

Sting: still Mad About You

REM: Pop Song 89...80's defined

Aerosmith: Sa-weeeeeet Emoooootion!
  Santana 1969, I was 5!

Santana Soul Sacrafice 2010 Note Screen Image is Woodstock Concert

Bon Jovi Detroit 2010

Elvis Costello White House 2010

Peter Gabriel