Monday, April 16, 2012

Expressive #&?#@%+! Language

I heard a loud "whoosh" of cereal from the kitchen. Then, "Shit!"  Scooter!  At least he's using the word in proper context.
I found Scooter trying to get rid of the evidence as I came in.  Yuck - eating off the floor.
15 minutes later he was lapping at his leftover cereal milk like a kitty.
Yup, these are the proud moments I live for. 


Heading out the door to baseball practice...
"Scooter, can you carry all that gear?"

Floor Cake 1962
it's a
of a cake!"

I've found no 
clearcut explanation 
for this idiom which 
Scooter made his own.  

Here are some 
educated guesses:
Pastry Case I, 1961-2