Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chin Up, Volume Down

One common trait most parents strive for in their children:


Most parents fret over this.  We plan elaborate schemes for success and choreograph seamless schedules to keep our precious kids busy building self awareness.  We spend hours shuttling kids around a 300 mile radius of our mostly empty home.  We study hours with them for tests, help with school projects.  We enroll them in summer programs, athletic clinics, clubs, tutors, school programs, tournaments, competitions, and more in the hopes of finding their gift, their source for positive self image.

Parents of autistic kids try the same strategies - in addition to their whirlwind schedule of professional therapies.

I don't have to worry much about pulling out G's sense of pride.

"I am SO TOTALLY AWESOME at this game.  I am SO WINNING I'm the BEST IN THE WORLD!!!"  Of course yelled in a LOUD, unmodulated flat speech pattern common to ASD.  The style of boasting guaranteed to upset classmates and teammates; and quite often teachers and other parents.  But our ASD kids don't have a clue.  They're totally self-contained, self-centered.

ON the flip side, I must be prepared for,
" I CAN'T do this!  I'll NEVER EVER EVER get it.  It's too hard.  It's useless. I NEVER want to do this again!  EVER "  Of course screeched in a fingernails on chalkboard, hair-raising pitch that makes whining sound pleasant
by contrast.

The big difference for most autistic kids is their "All or Nothing/No Gray Area" singular thinking.  They can't see forward to second chances: the next game, the follow-up test, the perseverance of practicing skills over and over to reach a goal.  They don't always understand teamwork.  They don't get Sportsmanship. 
"I am so great!  I'm going to win! Hahaha."

Got an app for that?  One that teaches/models humility, sportsmanship, encouragement?  Rewards for teamwork?   I'd LOVE to consult and beta test it...and I'd bet G's siblings would be grateful.  :)

I'm absolutely serious.  Apple or Android.

Bring it!