Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bike Safety 101

mopedAfter leaving G’s “Bike Camp”, PEAC’s at-your-own-pace bike riding/safety summer course, I had a quick errand to run.  While driving through downtown Ann Arbor, MI, I suddenly slammed on my brakes, alerting G out of his itouch reverie. 
G, “Whoa, what happened?”
I explained to him that a Scooter Bike from oncoming traffic had pulled right in front of me to make a left turn. Then she made a face and yelled something at me.
“What was she thinking?!?  If I had not stopped, we would’ve hit her!” I finished.  "She needs a bike safety course!"

G in an amazed voice, “Are we in New York?” 
Love the randomism, another one that has me shaking my head, wondering where that connection came from...maybe a movie? 

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"Mmmmmmmm," I called for my daughter from the foot of the stairs.

G answered, "She can't come.  She's busy laughing."