Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PDQ #3

Perky’s Daily Quirk (PDQ)
G wanted to show his PEAC "Bike Camp" teacher his craft from “PBS” (VBS, Vacation Bible School)…
2011-07-19 13.35.58

"Do you think he'll like my 'fish flops' glasses?"

He did so well today, he's getting a bit ahead of himself, maybe the sharp shades lend him confidence.  Hot smile  It’s all about looking cool, lol. 

He tried starting himself, and did.  But as always, when he 2011-07-19 13.53.04falls/fails, he takes a few steps back.  His instructor quickly got him back on track and instead had him work on turns with an obstacle course today.  PEAC has magic crumple cones that bounce right back into shape.  Brilliant! 
I adore his intense concentration. 
Go G!

Love it! Welcome to my new segment. Do you have a daily-ism to share? Share it!

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