Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pardon My Chinese

"My weiner is bugging me!" G, groping and adjusting at the bus stop.
"Yeah, me too," I laughed.
"No, you don't have a weiner!"
"Wait, what's your weiner called again?"
"Do you remember?"

"China something...  Oh, MyChina!"
I think the stars represent erroneous zones

Teehee. That'll work for now.
Coincidentally, I've been thinking about MyChina for the past few days. G was born 8 years ago today. Happy Birthday, Super G! After 10 years of every imaginable hellish fertility agent, weepy false hopes and heartbreaking near successes, 2 beautiful beloved adopted babies, I became pregnant. Who knew MyChina actually "worked" as nature intended it! And work it did for 3 days until this very day 8 years ago. Our 3rd miracle baby was born and we welcomed him into our family. We thought we were whole, but he completed us by bouncing into our lives and never stopping. He's our breath of fresh air, our lessons to be learned, our wonder and delight.
We love you, G!