Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bravo to Martial Arts Heroes

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Bravo to this inspiring man!
Master Willie Adams teaches Detroit-area special needs students 2-3 times per week, FREE.  I can't believe this man is 64, he looks wonderful.  Good health and good deeds makes it so, I guess.  :}

G loves getting his temple stamp for a good job

I have exciting news about G this week: he got his first belt tip!  A tip marks progress, and students need 4-5 tips to test for the next level belt.  He acheived his black tip which is for blocking set; requiring routine, form, attention and focus.!!!!  G's been going 4-5 times per week since July, and he's doing great at class participation and taking verbal instruction.

He has a wonderful bond with our local Tae Kwon Do Master, who's extremely patient with G and gets a kick out of him (or several!)  G still has trouble with some of the warm-up exercises that require heavy-duty motor planning: spider walk, crab walk, jumping jacks, push-ups.  I love to watch him do push-ups - he gets in proper form, then just bobs his head up and down.  I'll have to get a video of that!  :}

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Fun Finds: Autism Awareness Merchandise

I found a great source for autism awareness products, REALLY reasonable prices, unique offerings.
Some of the cool stuff:

Temporary Tattoo, see below for details

6 Temporary Tattoos, may last 7days: $10

They have some creative shirt phrases that I haven't seen before.  While the graphics and typography are uninspiring, the messages are fun and positive. 
  • T-shirts: Youth $12 Adult $14
  • Sweatshirts: Youth $20  Adult $22
Check out the monthly specials: today some long sleeve t-shirts and sweatshirts are offered for $5-$6!

I haven't ordered any products yet, so I can't report about quality or service. I'll update when I do...