Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PDQ #26

Thanksgiving Eve: while I cleaned up the kitchen post veggie cutting marathon, I finally got G to go upstairs and get ready for shower time.  I heard him singing, then every 30 seconds or so he'd call out, "Are you coming yet?"

He excitedly met me at the stairs. 
In a tour director voice, "Just follow the trail to find your way to the shower."

Cute, he'd created a trail of cereal, up the stairs, down hallway and through our bedroom and bath.  But the kicker was then he got down on all 4's and ate them, sliding along his trail.  Ewwwww!  I don't care if we'd just shampooed the carpet today, that's disgusting!  And no, it's been 6 months...and a week since I vacuumed.  Ewwww x gazillion! 

But like many things in the course of a day with G, I gave it up.  He was proud, he was acting out a creative scene, and the likelihood of him getting ill from our carpet was small.  Am I being a bit lazy?  Oh absolutely!!!  After a day/night completely alone with him, no breaks, and finally getting him to agree to take a shower, I'm weakened.  Let him "work" me in my exhausted mental/physical state, it won't be the last time. 

Never weak, but I have limits of strength.  :)

Like the saying goes:
Never mistake my kindness for weakness.

Update:  As I sit here blogging, G's gotten out of the shower and began blowdrying his hair in his haphazard fashion(usually for about 30 seconds).   Next thing I saw: G blowdrying his "weiner".  It was only about 3 seconds, no permanent or even temporary pain/damage.  OMG, he's ridiculous.  I put a stop to that!  Sorry G, you can't act out those kind of creative actions. 

PDQ #25

G wanted to make a card for his friend Conner. G's first day of school brought news from G that he'd made a new best friend, but I learned that it was not so.  It was simply another made up idea.  G probably told me because he knew/sensed that I wanted him to have a friend so much.  In reality, he plays alone, just contentedly does his own thing.  I volunteer often, and go to lunch and recess with him, so I get a good idea of his social skills in addition to teacher/aide reports.  He tolerates the other students, but spontaneous communication is slim to none.

Conner is his only friend from school.  He occasionally sits with him at lunch and runs around with him at recess.  He was in G's special needs preschool class for 1.5 years.  We've done many social activities together and they were the highest functioning students in their class.  Conner is in the other kindergarten class, which makes me sad.  I so wish he had a friend, but like I said, much of that is my projection upon him.  But, he does talk/ask about his friends and make cards for them and ask to have play dates.  He needs guided friendships that are facilitated by a teacher or mom.  I'll have to work on that and find a friend in his class to see socially. 

G asked me how to spell some words for his card.  I learned a long time ago with N and M to write out their message and let them copy it at their own pace.  Otherwise I'd be spelling all day.  Particularly with my perfectionist N.  Happy to say that N's a primo speller now.

G's message (he smashed all the words together):
Dear Coonner
Happy Thanksgiving
I know that you like me so much
So I made you a card
From,  G

Love love love it! 

...and what says Thanksgiving better than flowers and a star?  teehee