Monday, February 7, 2011

Imported From Detroit

Yes.  Yes I am.   So is the best Super Bowl spot of the year.
Did you catch this Super Bowl 2011 commercial from Chrysler?

Loooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng 2-minute spot during Super Bowl: first ever.  I’d love to see the price tag on that.  I’m sure it’ll be in the ad rags soon enough. 
The question is: will it do the job? 
Do non-Detroiters like it?  Are viewers motivated to buy a car?  Viewers feel pride/status about Chrysler products?  Want to book a visit to Detroit?  To listen to Eminem?  Hopefully it did it all.  I know that my Facebook feed is lit up with fellow Detroiters and advertising professionals loving it up.   
Outstanding.  Thanks, Chrysler. Detroit is desperate for positive PR and a morale boost.  Bravo!  Sell cars.\ 
Now lose yourself in images from the D...

Feeling the love?  Go get ‘em Detroit!
And sure, I’m not as cool as Eminem, but I’m rocking my Chrysler mama-van something fierce.  Smile