Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where's my Study Guide?

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Glo-Bowling birthday party sensory blues
Experience is a hard teacher
because she gives the test first,
the lesson afterwards.
 ~Vernon Sanders Law

Pop Quiz Popcorn

Each day in a parent's life is a test. 
Each day of an autism parent is a series of pop quizzes. 
Pop! Pop! Pop! 
We spend energy anticipating pops
as if we're waiting and watching for popcorn kernels to burst. 
We delight pops of breakthroughs, euphoric moments. 
We expect pops of setbacks, anguished moments. 
We, along with our children
pop UP, DOWN, HIGH and LO, TO, and FRO; 
the sizzling skillet of  autism taking us all on a explosive ride.