Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PDQ #14: The Sounds of Nature

Countdown to 1st day of school: 14 Days!

What will I do?
My day won’t be punctuated by my son N sneaking up to lean close to my ear and share a LOUD BURRRRRRRRRRRRP.  

It’s all about shock value.

He’s so 12.  Smile with tongue out 

N with a ooey-gooey glob of caramel on his birthday. 

PDQ #13: G’s Flight of Fancy

I struggled to round up G to get in the car, near the end of my patience after a 20 minute “let’s-get-ready-and-out-the-door” scramble. I spotted him squatted down in the driveway and hurried over to get him moving.  illegal feather
“Look what I found!  A illegal feather!!!”, G squealed happily as he jumped up and waved his treasure.

G Translation???

Furrowed brow, I asked, “Why is it illegal?”

G: “It’s FROM illegal!” eagle

A-ha! …ah-ha-ha-ha
Got it.