Friday, April 13, 2012

Waste Wonders

"What is poop made out of?" I hear wafting out of the bathroom, echo-ey and distant.  

Hmmm.  "All of your food that you eat comes out of your body so that you..."

"Oh, I know!  Vegetables!"  Scooter interrupts.  "Lots and lots of vegetables."

Ok, that works.

Musee' D'Quirkay

At this point in my decor, I shudder.  Sometime with laughter, mostly with resignation.  This is what we are, take it or go somewhere else.  With all due respect of course.
Our house is decorated in Early Autism style.  Prominent feautes include: visual cues, signs and charts, mini tramps, overstuffed pillows to jump in/smash into, therapy balls, crafts/sensory buffet activities. Television and video games take front and center stage for family/stim time.  Early Century Obstacle Course creates a playful, versatile mood.  Peeled wallpaper and random holes in the wall accentuate the active energetic feel throughout the home.
My children have paired my eclectic style with Pop Locker.  I'm considering lockers in our foyer so that we can make it a living style.  No sense covering it up, highlight it, I say!  Our bedrooms are each topped off with the original american favorite, late Laundryism.  This style flourishes in most households, and is always a work-in-progress.

We also have evolving installation art.   You may see lego structures, train configurations, unique games, forts built.  Many collections are seen lined up in precisely engineered formations.  We also have a large showing of early and mid arts and crafts, mostly in expressionism style.

What's your Decor???

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