Friday, September 9, 2011

Back on OT Track

Return to life behind the 2-way glass...
G started back on Occupational Therapy (OT) after his summer off.  In summertime, he went to TKD 4x/week, Bike Camp (PEAC) 2x/week, swimming daily and lots of outdoor play. 

BUT...there's just no substitute for professional therapy.  I try to do it on my own, and can do a fair job. But his OT spots things that I'd never think of; she's trained to look at the mechanics of his body and functionality.  She also has years of training on best practices/techniques, therapy plans and goal setting. 

The only fine motor skills we worked on over summer was playing itouch games (no joke, I believe they help!), chalk drawings, squeezing the trigger on squirt guns during hours of sibling water warfare and random crafts.  Writing is such a struggle, I forgot how hard it is for him.  I'm thankful that his AD/HD meds give him concentration superpowers.  Before meds, he never wanted to (aka screeched and ran) pick up a pencil, marker, crayon, chalk, scissors - nothing that caused pressure or used pincer grasp!  Still now, he's adverse to using a fork or spoon, and would rather use his hands.  Crafts and writing are limited to days when the stars are in the right alignment, lol.  When he's motivated, he's extremely intent. It may take him 5 minutes to cut a 4" circle, but he sticks with it.  Another miracle of pharmacotherapy.    

He worked with some silly putty for hand strength.  On the way home he told me his favorite OT part was "smashing the pudding".  :)

Great to back to it!  Go G!

PDQ #18

G:  Yum,this pop tastes like choc-o-late!
Me:  Really?  What's in it?
G:  Sprite and le-mon-ade.
Me:  What? That makes chocolate?
G:  Yup.  I put in root beer, that's what makes it taste like choc-o-late!