Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Autism Hacks #18: Happy Feet!


What's more exhilarating than echoes in the hallway?

After a long day of M-STEP-ing, G kicks up his heels to the rhythm of his singing sibs at their High School Spring Concert... the hallway with 40 feet + 2 sets of blessed soundproofed doors between proud families and his Happy Feet.

Anxious for another day of standardized state testing, G was a bundle of energy and nerves. He jumped around in his seat, unable to get comfy. He followed me around (and in front - edit!) while I shot pix for the Choir department. I had to rouse Dad from his post-hectic-workday-music-appreciation-reverie to jump in for duty. Energy drink in hand, Dad took him out to the car during crowded intermission period, played hand games in their "way far back" seats, bought goodies, kept him on the inside seat (though G squeezed to the aisle 67 times to shadow my volunteer pursuits). Funny word, shadow. Perhaps highlight?

Please don't mind the Pesky Photo Mom and her Photo-Bomber.

Coaching whispers:

watch where you're walking

bend over, you're in their way

don't stand so close to them

don't touch the camera

no electronics now

it'll be over soon

do you have to go potty - you're so jumpy!

yes, I saw that too

I can't talk right now


Teamwork, tag team...we made it work. Today: Day 2, Breakfast in bed to power up for my EXTREME test anxiety kiddo. Go G!

Fun night! Applause and shout out to my awesome teen singers. Lovely M sang in a small Chamber group - surprise, Mom! N was busy Stage Assisting as usual, sang in several difficult pieces with his esteemed Choral group.
Loud and PROUD!

The kids request a pic with a respected friend who joined the choir for the alumni invitational finale. I was lucky to work with this gentle soul as a ParaPro. A fun reunion for all.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Autism Hacks #17: Campfire Songs?

G's obsessed with campfires. We have them several times a week from spring till fall. I've gotten talented at finding dry wood; we even have campfires in the rain. I have to watch G constantly, for safety. Thus, I've made a nice little firepit area in the packed dirt that used to be under a pool in the backyard.

A generous neighbor recently gifted us with a beautiful chiminea that they no longer use. I decided to put it front and center next to a sweet bistro table in the front yard. This way we could have 2 areas - a private spot and a second to interact with neighbors, and watch G unobtrusively without following him up and down the block to his friends.
We gave our new area a try. I was excited at the prospect of socializing with walking neighbors. Spring, sunshine, kids, bikes, dogs, lawn mowers...weeds. I began picking weeds as G poked the fire. I had the grand idea of burning them, trying to entertain the boys and save our garden. Stuffing them down, they caused a plume of smoke that threatened to put out the fire. 

G was inspired to break into song,
"We're smokin'
every day!"

Teen broski didnt even know the song. YouTube? I had to look it up, turns out its a song by Snoop Dogg. Yikes! 

So much for wanting to socialize with neighbors...really I have no idea how he knows this song. Ah, the joys of inappropriate scripting. Proud moments.

I snorted with laughter and giggled for days. We're loving the new campfire spot. Spreading awareness and giggles even when we're gardening.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Blues Hack

Monday Blues?
Alter your filter.
Don your rosy specs,
see(k) a fresh purple-spective.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Carpe' de Mikey

ROCKIN' G sings his heart out to synthesized creations at the Imagination Station Science Museum in Toledo, OH.

"Can't Stop" infamous final line rings true:

This life is more 

than just a


Live LOUD. Love LOUDER. 


Can't Stop, Red Hot Chili Peppers, RHCP

Michael Balzary, Flea

Wise words to love, live, sing.

ASD Sparkles

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Midnight Masterpieces

G's winning bedtime ritual: steamy loud hour-long shower with sensory foam and soap. I load up on various scented shaving cream, shampoo, soap at my darling dollar store - best $2/week ever! G sings, describes, scripts, stims, giggles, SHARES while he smears and draws. He draws his favorite characters, names, people, places. I roam the general area to do daily stuff or laundry while he gabs away. Sometimes he has me guess at his creations, writing backwards for me to view on my side. At times I open the door to a quick facial/swoosh/slam and have him guess. Totally cracks him up. I try to think of visual puzzles about our day or upcoming fun, all positive happy thoughts to send him off to dreamland with delight. 

With G's anxiety over the past 3 years, I've learned to adapt his regimen. Staying up all night or most of it, waking full out ADHD energy in the middle of the night - was not healthy for him and clearly left the family sleeplessly miserable. G deserves the peaceful calm that all children should feel before bedtime. His brain and nervous system don't know how to decompress. The old methods of reading or tv worked up his brain too much. Hot tubs turned into doggie getting dry skin from the nightly swim-a-thon, now only 2x/week. His nightly demand of backrub got to be too much, though I do have my relaxation massage down to 20 minutes in case of emergency in the wee hours. I had to dig deep to consider the many factors of sensory elements and their effects on G. I found a winning combination to throw into my big bag of tricks... 

What ALWAYS calms G? Warm water. With the addition of soaps to waste - mix, pour, squirt - he expresses his thoughts, gets his wiggles out, gets squeaky clean. Foam is highly sensory - shake, whoosh, slather - and large motor swirls are great for stretching while he creates. The warm shower calms him, steam clears "our" sinuses and loosens his muscles to allow for smooth slumber. I'm free to get a few minutes of organization in for the next day, while getting quality quirky CREATIVE comforting time with my kiddo. Winner! 

Art washes away from the soul the dust of daily life. ~Pablo Picasso

G's serious pose under Cloud Gate, a gloriously gleaming curvy bean of reflection in downtown Chicago. I found these fun facts about the sculpture, which answered my boys' questions about the "practicalities" of the bean. Geek on! 

Construction facts:

The Artist: Anish Kapoor. 

Click around to view his funky sculptures around the world

Fascinating view into the artist's mind, art and backstory.

About his mirror sculptures:

 "the space doesn't recede - it comes out at you ... a new sublime that's forward of the picture plane." ~Kapoor


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break Hack

Power tools = great motivator! Peeled G away from a screen

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Celebrate Ability

Happy World Autism Awareness Day!

Celebrating my miracle bio-baby today! You work so hard, your abilities are taking off, SuperStar!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Autism Hacks #15

Our awesome family dental office was stellar with G at his teeth cleaning appointment. Though G doesn't have the huge fear of dentists that many ASD spectrum kiddos do, I worried about his anxiety and sensory issues. 

No worries...The clinician talked softly, explained everything ahead of time and again as she worked on him. She introduced the tools, explained them, gave him jobs of holding items and doing his own suction. She gave him cool sunglasses to shade his eyes from the bright lights. Brilliant! I'll always bring some along. 

Before she began work on G, the clinician set him to practice on me for 5 minutes after she saw us scripting. I was impressed at his gentle curiosity. In reality, he spent 1 minute in my mouth, the rest adjusting my chair and exploring - eyes only - cool stuff - of course!. 

G's involvement and empowerment made his visit a success. Possibly too ambitious? G must have processed the idea of dentistry as a career...always planning, assessing. On the way home he announced,

"I want to be a dentist because they don't have 'homework' like Dad does."

Insightful little fella. I wonder how long my 9 year old has been researching career options. I'm with G on the no "working from home" plan.

But...I'm certain it's quite stressful working on mouths all day as a Dentist! :)

Thank you for calming and inspiring, Dr. R. Your understanding office has our back, our mouths, and our heart. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We're All One of a Kind: Let's Ace It!

I was dealt a smooth ACE skipping around social media today...
Here's how a social media scan typically goes:
90% 》scroll
5% ×check/like/comment/scrap
3% >>share w/friend/social media/self
2% >>>Jump around site, intrigued

Sound about right?

I clicked an article about anxiety on Twitter, being highly relevant (eek!). I instantly fell into the author's personal raw admission and epiphany. Turns out, the author Hayden is an Aspie with a personal mission. He and a partner teamed up to support Aspies and coach them to self/life success. Further research (jumping around site!) needed, but I truly admire his heartfelt writing style and positive approach. From casual scan, they offer coaching services and paid video webinars (ages14+), as well as a host of helpful tips, Aspie-directed inspiring blog posts and free webinars on their site. Way to pay it forward, Asperger Experts!

I'd like to share Hayden's blog post that moved me emotionally, then compulsively (acceptance! hehehe) to share. Well done!

Recalls to mind this delightful Dr. Seuss quote, a favorite. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

No one is
Than YOU!

Bravo, Asperger Experts, Hayden. Your fresh message was worth exploring...and sharing! Thanks for the hope and guidance you offer to the Autism Community.  :)
More info:

Celebrate your quirks 

Celebrate your strengths

Celebrate your YOU-nique-ness!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Autism Hacks #14

Morning silliness sends G off to school in perky spirits. Crabby, uncooperative, slow? Just add laughs to spark a happy note.

He asked for a bowl of cereal... :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Autism Hacks #13

Sibs rock + G Challenge Winner! #13 is dedicated to my teens, because when they were young, they'd say being Autism Sibling brings "bad luck" at times. Nowadays, they roll with the best ASD teams I know. I'd love to deliver all the solutions, yet all I can do is offer positivity.

My 15 year old wanted to see a movie with his new girlfriend over mid-winter break. Big sis and I took G to see Spongebob while N and his girl went on their own. We filled up on popcorn and snacks so much that nobody wanted to go to eat. 

Shopping at Target was voted in. I promise I didn't suggest it, but who am I to argue? The kids perused the toy section, then wandered the books, snacks - landing in technology. I joyfully pranced off with my buggy. G kept hunting me down with new items he "had to have". M would soon follow, trailing G. After much debate, G finally chose a big nerf blaster to spend his Christmas cash. The kids regretfully ended their videos in the games section; once again I'd "closed" Target.

On the drive back to hang out at our house, the teens all pitched in to uncase G's new treasure. In the silence of their feverish project, G proclaimed to N's date,

" I love you more

than ALL of Nick's girlfriends!"

Smooth move, little Broski! 

We all cracked up after a brief uncomfortable pause, but I'm sure N was glad it was dark in the car. (Blush) :)

N's date survived the G Challenge, even taking a day trip with us to a fun museum later in the week. She jumped in and helped find my wandering (running) curious kiddo when I missed him a few times, without judgment. She exuded life and great humor and listened to G (and me) belt out several songs in our 2 hour road trip. She even joined in singing and got N to sing. What a trooper!

Autism Awareness is who we are. Anyone who becomes involved with us on a regular basis sees the challenges, the fun, the embarrassment, the LOVE. 

Welcome friend, to our Perky Quirks. My N is special because he's himself; so proud of my accomplished, smart, funny, hard-working volunteer and leader. My N is extraordinary because he's lived in a home filled with all that Autism brings. He's helped his brother achieve major milestones. We have DAILY struggles. My kids weather these difficulties too young, but we don't have options. Instead it strengthens us, toughens us, deepens us, challenges us. Fulfills us at times; depletes us more often. 

We do share a strong bond of Autism Code. We high five each other on small feats and outrageous wins and offer respite when the going gets tough. My kids have been mini-caretakers since G began running. My amazing kids are siblings first; yet strong advocates, diligent therapists, loving counselors. My kids are my children first; helpers and respite more often than I'd like. G's hot buttons are crowds, sensory, new environments, homework. Unfortunately, most outsiders see G in this heightened social/public state. His sensory meltdowns and erratic behaviors are what his sibs contend with in ALL family/social situations. We must take turns monitoring G and work as TeamASD. The frustration gets to me; I can't imagine the feelings of helplessness and humiliation for a teen sibling. Can you remember being a teen? EVERYTHING IS EMBARASSING! (especially with families!) Kudos to my great teens, Super Autism Sibs. They lead the way to awareness through outreach programs, but they soldier through daily drills and promote acceptance in our community and family. My teens are top advocates. Priceless. 

I so wish I could find a teen support group for N/M. They grew immensely in their 3 years with SibShops, which ended at age 12. Sadly, teen sibs are likely the most needy when it comes to expressing their frustrations and working through to positive solutions. I'm a natural coach/counselor; I can usually bug them until they share, I have my ways. But my kids could really BENEFIT from a strong outside outlet. I'm certain they have issues with me or that they don't want to share with me, understandably.

Call Out to someone: 

How do I start a ASD Sibs Teen Support Group?

Are there books, resources to share? Please do. I'll update with research/resources.

Until then, we spread awareness one over-stimulating event and embarrassing yet sweet comment at a time. Love my family and our collective Perky Quirks!

My deepest apologies to N's sweet date and dear N; G expresses himself honestly but awkwardly. Thumbs up from the whole fam!

Finally, thanks G for shining your sparkling gifts upon our family. We adore you!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Autism Hacks #12

Because he wanted to see the gizmo that made the robot blink on his lunchbox.

The best part is G's patch job.
Did he think Mom wouldn't notice? :)

Online shopping for an overpriced lunchbox in March...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Adoptive Parent Conversation No-No's

Good read on common questions adoptive parents get asked and how they hurt:

I find it flabbergasting how many strangers or distant acquaintances ask intrusive/rude questions about adoption. What I've gotten most often is: 

Quizzical stare at my fair complexion and back to my bronzed beauties,

"Are they yours?"

In a perfect world, I'd always be prepared with a snappy response. 
#1: Why? Do I look like a kidnapper?
#2: Why? Do you want to know?
#3: Why? Do you call my children "they"?
#4: Why? Do you ignore that "they" are right here?
#5: Why? Do you think you're creeping me out?

My fave fantasy comeback scenario to this comment; never had the guts...

Nosie Rosie, pointing to my kids:
"Are they yours?"

Me, pointing to her boobs:
"Are they yours?"

Truly, is that not on rank with this brazen personal question? Call it tit for tat, wink wink.

While these questions are difficult to navigate for us adoptive parents -
Please folks,
I beg you to have
a bit of compassion
and NOT ask
insensitive questions
in front of
yes, they're mine.

Looking for adoption info, resources, advice, support?
Bring it! :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Autism Hacks #11

Say Cheese
Snow Day 2015, G's idea of a super snow day pose. 
Hot cocoa and bath followed. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Autism Hacks #10

Who do you think you are?

ASD can be frustrating.
Tiny issues get blown into cyclones of distress. At times, everything is BIGSTUFF.

My sweet kiddo tries so hard; a tender loving heart. Infinitely heartbreaking to watch anxiety color his days.

New specs. Mid-winter break.
G's ready for a fresh outlook.
Let's focus on the smallstuff. 

Better yet, don't sweat any "stuff"

Focus on ability, love, acceptance, hope.

Color me in! :D

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Autism Hacks #9

Put your socks on!
Put your socks on!
Put your socks on!
It's cold outside!
Put your socks on!
Put your socks on!
Put your socks on!
It's cold inside!
Put your socks on!
Put your socks on!
Put your socks on!

Shower time:
Take off your socks!
Take off your socks!
Take off your socks!
Take off your socks!

He found a use for his socks.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Autism Hacks #8

Oof! Got a laugh at my sanctimonious self last night. Feeling fine using my official lint safety tools to protect my family. Laundry flowing, getting things DONE after 2 extra snowdays filled the household with glee and wet snowgear. I tidy up, pick lint off my shirt - only to spy my shirt is backwards. For the past 16 hours. 

Ahh, those hasty mornings when my focus is 110% G-centered. I likely grabbed it out of the dryer and changed in the laundry room while finding socks for G that morning, listening carefully to G's morning dialogue, carrying misc. items which likely were forgotten, texting my teens, etc.

Funniest part? The only one awake so late with me to share this goof with wouldn't get the full meaning. G would simply add it to the Mom-ism File.

I know I've done better. 

I choose to laugh at the things which I cannot change. Acceptance? Daily, with zeal and passion.

Should I start a new ASD awareness campaign? Forget ice buckets, ribbons, colors -  show your flaws/hacks for ASD!
Selfie bad hair day, spills, routine fails, etc. Share a giggle with yourself. Remember that you once had it together. Picture yourself on your most impressive day. Delight in the differences.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Late-Night Comedy Team

For hire:
Bright quirky Aspie jokester prodigy and perky silly Mom team of comics for immediate hire, limited bookings. Late Night is our forte'. Call today.

With G's idiosyncratic lens and my wacky creative slant, G and I make an odd yet symbiotic stand-up team. At least we crack ourselves up. ;) G makes up puns, jokes, witticisms constantly. Since he was low verbal in his tot/preschool years, he worked his humor skills for kudos. I've always used humor as positive intervention. For me, inward->outward.

Occasionally now, he'll make his entrance meekishly. This is my cue to "edit" the joke he's trying to form.

Scene: G building snowman, 20 feet away, highly-charged post school.

G: What did one book say to another book on a hot day?
Me: ?
G: It's feeling quite "summary" in here

I laughed, then took out my tiny mental red crayon to push his idea. I suggested to G the joke would be funnier would if it weren't 2 books, but something directly related to "summary".

I explained him also that because it was a spelling joke, it performs better in written form.

He pondered.

G Edited, 1st try, 60 seconds. Lightning fast for his verbal processing issues...

G: What did the back cover of a book say to the front cover on a hot day?
Me: ?
G: It's feeling quite "summary" back here.

Bravo, kiddo! His joke now makes sense and stands alone without the spelling...a thinker.

Humor to me is defined by thinking outside of the box. Taking a mundane idea and cranking the sublime. Logic -> Illogical. This we do with great flourish and joy in our home. If I go 15 minutes without laughing, at least internally, it's a rare and tragic event. What a delightful gift my coping skill has been.

G takes the ovation though. Through humor, he has broken his verbal barrier, perfected his physical humor through family antics and years of summer-long drama camp. His developing language, processing, logic and social skills converged when he jumped headfirst into using language science as a means to use humor towards social goals. Comedy enhances all of his goals.

Communication. Physical/Expessive Skills. Social Skills. Logic. Laughs.

That's all.

What else matters? 7 years ago I would've fainted if I'd known G would travel so far within and outside his skirmish of acronyms, a lucky few. I'm thankful for all that he is.

As abovementioned, I live to laugh. Works for PerkyMama! Bravo G, thanks family. Together we make it snappy!

On order at our library: Front cover, back cover including "summary". ;)

Read it? Au-some reviews! Looking forward to it.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Autism Hacks #7

Joyful morning "welcome to bus stop!" chat with a new neighbor, I attempted to look casual in my acronym maelstrom. 

Through our frosty car windows, across G - in full Michigan snow gear, plus foot deep backpack - shihtzu Cookie scratching to jump out...

Eeeeeeeeeeee! Verbal squeak phase. ASD ADHD oral sensory, check.

Carb Crave CSI Catastrophe, location of Swedish Fish stash comprimised. Asperger's/OCD, check.

Swimming wiggling Swedish Fish out in the frigid air. ADHD, check.

Sharky devouring of schools of them. ASD oral carb crave smashing sensory, check.

Ceaselessly citing fish facts. ASD + OCD, check.

Teasing the dog out the window with said fish. OCD, check.

Getting his stim on. ASD, check.

Sputtering "hello" to neighbor on command through gummy red hot mess. Sensory ick, check.

Forgetting gloves. ADD, check.

Being so overloaded he can't verbalize his need. Anxiety, check.

Using his eyes to guide me to his gloves. Tools, check.

Flagging down the driver who missed him. Tools in high gear, check.

Ready for school? Yikes!

Dear kind laughing neighbor, amazingly cool bus driver, G's busmates, schoolmates, Awesome Au-some teacher extraordinaire, and my G:

You rock! Breakfast dessert of champions, not. Blame me. I  made my choice in our morning panic (while smiling, asking neighbor about their newborn, wishing I wasn't wearing my teen's ski hat). G hunted out my sugar stash and chomped away (really only about 3, Chewy = slow BONUS!)

"ASD Eyes", our parental ASD filtering system, see all.

Sometimes we must pick our fish to fry. :/ Better to send G off with a happy flappy Swedish Fishface than an angry frustrated Stinkface. 

Good Luck! ♡

De-fish-ent ASD Parent
w/sense of humor

P.S. New neighbor, welcome to the hood! You're in for an education by default. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

No Socks, No Boots, No Problem!

Leaving a friend's home today, G stood looking out the door, fully geared from ankles up while we searched high and low for his socks which he inevitably always peels off. We finally gave up the hunt and told him to put his boots on without socks, which he also does 50% time in his haste.

"Nah, I'm fine!" G was out the door in a flash. Minus socks. Minus boots. Running/jumping into the Michigan snow/ice. We all simultaneously bolted and called him in.


Tonight after all others were nestled in slumber and we had time to discuss it, I asked G why he ran out barefoot this morning.
"I just wanted to."
Did he forget he didn't have shoes on?
"I just wanted to."
Was he trying to make us laugh?
"I just wanted to."
Were you trying to freak us out?
"I just wanted to."
I sighed.
Exasperated, "What? So you just decided you wanted to feel the snow or something?

"YES! I just wanted to!"

Kerplunk! Hit me over the head with a brick! Way to really listen with your ASD ears, Mama!
G is a sensory seeker naturally; sensory avoider notasmuch. His impulsive sensory seeking isn't logical, planned. It's just: GO!
No stops between.

I forget at times, fooled by G's high functioning, highly verbal, bright mind. He has incredible focus at school, thanks to ADHD meds and much therapy over 7 years since age 2. He excels and is gifted with a stellar memory. His interests, vocabulary, demeanor when speaking in his "reporting mode" is remarkably mature.
Yet...his sensory impulses are too difficult to control. Similar to a preschooler, his wildcard behavior is perplexing; at such polar odds with the logical practical mind G has.

I marvel at the dichotomy that ASD demonstrates daily.

I told G that when he grows up and gets a job, please don't stop at the door on the way to lunch one day, take off his shoes and go running in the snow. He understands the humor.

Then again, maybe we all need an icy plunge to put a zing in our footsteps.
Sensory Seeking =
Curiosity. Zest. Joy.
Pretty great stuff. If we could skip/regulate the dangerous impulses, I'm in.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Autism Hacks #6

Not. Just. Another Manic Panic Monday.
Transition to reality. Sigh. Groan. Screech! Most weeks, school routine/schedule gets off to a rocky start for our ASD kiddos. G frets about Monday all day Sunday, often Saturday.

G had a wonderful start and a perfect transition this Monday.

I'm learning: plenty of sleep, prep* and enough time to dance, sing and laugh. G loves to mimic Pitbull's "Fireball", just the one word, sung in raspy low key. Love it! I love to "wigglewigglewigglewiggle" while of course, wiggling.

*Shout out to Big Broski for helping Mom's Manic Panic Monday. My neatnik laid out all of G's school prep items. Wowza! My kids rock my world! I'm blessed!

Wake up all your senses, little Fireball!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Autism Hacks #5

Dear Santa,
I would like a puppy named Cookie. And that's it.
Love, G
December 2013

Santa Mama delivered. ;)

What a difference our first pet has made! "Cookie Dough" brings us together through laughter, snuggles and play. G taught her the joys of jacuzzi baths and long showers.  Now whenever any 5 of us in the fam turns on the tub, she comes scratching her way in within seconds. She adores water! G also taught her to swim in our pool last summer, patiently guiding her around the pool the way we taught each of our kiddos. Sweet! He adores her! Why did we ever wait so long?

Thanks Santa, from all of us! Fun year! ♡

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Jewel in the Broccoli Crown?

Told G about this study that shows broccoli can help his worries (ASD symptoms). 

"Actually, that's awesome because broccoli actually happens to be in my top 10 foods. Top 5, actually."  

Can you see why some friends affectionately nicknamed G, "Actually"?

Actively Pinteresting Broccoli recipes...


Feel free to share recipes! ;)

Autism Hacks #4

Flutter on, SuperStar!
Happy Dance to a strike at disco bowling fundraiser.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Autism Hacks #2

Welcome Autism Hacks!
I'm kicking off a new series part of my New Year's resolution to lighten spirits, bring giggles, joy to ASD Social Media.
Share your quirks:
Submit photos, stories, ideas and I'll whip up a meme with creds. :)

Autism Hack #3

Welcome Autism Hacks!
I'm kicking off a new series part of my New Year's resolution to lighten spirits, bring giggles, joy to ASD Social Media.
Share your quirks:
Submit photos, stories, ideas and I'll whip up a meme with creds. :)

Waxing Frozen

"Look Mom, God's sprinkling fairy dust on our world!"
I loved G's poetic observation, until he broke out in, "Do you want to build a snowman?...", loud enough to make our sweet pup howl.
Yes, even 9 year old boys are afflicted with Frozen Mania. It's going to be a long Michigan winter. ;)

Autism Hack #1

Welcome Autism Hacks!
I'm kicking off a new series part of my New Year's resolution to lighten spirits, bring giggles, joy to ASD Social Media.
Share your quirks:
Submit photos, stories, ideas and I'll whip up a meme with creds. :)