Thursday, January 29, 2015

Late-Night Comedy Team

For hire:
Bright quirky Aspie jokester prodigy and perky silly Mom team of comics for immediate hire, limited bookings. Late Night is our forte'. Call today.

With G's idiosyncratic lens and my wacky creative slant, G and I make an odd yet symbiotic stand-up team. At least we crack ourselves up. ;) G makes up puns, jokes, witticisms constantly. Since he was low verbal in his tot/preschool years, he worked his humor skills for kudos. I've always used humor as positive intervention. For me, inward->outward.

Occasionally now, he'll make his entrance meekishly. This is my cue to "edit" the joke he's trying to form.

Scene: G building snowman, 20 feet away, highly-charged post school.

G: What did one book say to another book on a hot day?
Me: ?
G: It's feeling quite "summary" in here

I laughed, then took out my tiny mental red crayon to push his idea. I suggested to G the joke would be funnier would if it weren't 2 books, but something directly related to "summary".

I explained him also that because it was a spelling joke, it performs better in written form.

He pondered.

G Edited, 1st try, 60 seconds. Lightning fast for his verbal processing issues...

G: What did the back cover of a book say to the front cover on a hot day?
Me: ?
G: It's feeling quite "summary" back here.

Bravo, kiddo! His joke now makes sense and stands alone without the spelling...a thinker.

Humor to me is defined by thinking outside of the box. Taking a mundane idea and cranking the sublime. Logic -> Illogical. This we do with great flourish and joy in our home. If I go 15 minutes without laughing, at least internally, it's a rare and tragic event. What a delightful gift my coping skill has been.

G takes the ovation though. Through humor, he has broken his verbal barrier, perfected his physical humor through family antics and years of summer-long drama camp. His developing language, processing, logic and social skills converged when he jumped headfirst into using language science as a means to use humor towards social goals. Comedy enhances all of his goals.

Communication. Physical/Expessive Skills. Social Skills. Logic. Laughs.

That's all.

What else matters? 7 years ago I would've fainted if I'd known G would travel so far within and outside his skirmish of acronyms, a lucky few. I'm thankful for all that he is.

As abovementioned, I live to laugh. Works for PerkyMama! Bravo G, thanks family. Together we make it snappy!

On order at our library: Front cover, back cover including "summary". ;)

Read it? Au-some reviews! Looking forward to it.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

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