Saturday, January 14, 2012

P.I.F.F. (x 2 O.S.)

Pay it Forward Friday times 2, on Saturday

Share a great blog day.
Thanks to talented, funny Dad Vs. Autism (who featured one of my blog posts a few months ago.   I fully intended to share another blogger's stand out post the next Friday, then the next, etc.  You know how that goes.  Well maybe not, but I do, I'm embarrassed to admit.  No excuses, but it has been nagging me deep in the recesses of my neurotransmitter scramble.  

So here it is, finished Saturday (of course).  

I've been moved today.  Deeply.  Twice.  Read it over and over/sigh/cry/hug my kids closely/share with a friend/share on my blog and facebook/think about it for weeks kind of moved. 

The 1st heart-wrenching blog references the 2nd.  Read.  Re-read them on a bad day to put your life and troubles in perspective.  We, as autism parents, are Fierce Warrior Parents.  But these bloggers are self-proclaimed Dragon Moms.  They sure get my vote.

I hope that this gets thrown in the face of the rude Specialist's career.  This is a complex ethical topic, but his approach could have ended with much less anger,tragedy if only they'd let someone with people skills speak for the hospital.  Just his demeanor and arrogance would make me take action.  But these parents don't have time for trivial "manners"  matters.  They are in a time crunch to find another hospital.  Godspeed and prayers to them and their precious Amelia.

In another post by this author (Words), Amelia's Mom credits another Mom and her raw article below.


This blog is beautifully written, no whining, no complaining.  Just real.  As she says, they don't have time for worry about future, just for the here and now, enjoying their son during his short stay.

I'm blown away by these blogs and their stories.  Are you?