Tuesday, January 31, 2012



On a snowy afternoon, Scooter counted down for a game.  In his carefully modulated tone,
"One sippy
Two sippy 
Three Sippy 

I was sure of his words, but couldn't figure out his meaning.  Chickie and I checked each other's faces to see if we "got it".  Nope.  No clue.  Next game, I asked him to count down again, giving Chickie the "Ready?  Pay attention." look.

Scooter began,
"One sippy                                                     
Two sippy..."

"Wait!" I interrupted.  "What are you saying? One sippy???  Count again sweetie."

Exasperated, Scooter enunciated each word and spoke  s  l  o  w  l  y.
"One and a sippy
Two and a sippy
Three and a sippy!"

Chickie and I stared at him, then shifted to each other for a few bewildered seconds.  Click!  Her light bulb went off...
Chickie Walks On Water (cool shot, huh?)

One Mississippi,
Two Mississippi
Three Mississippi!!!"


"You say Mississippi after the numbers to count slower," Chickie explained.

I love it when the kids explain something to me that I know from my own childhood.  I try act like I'm amazed to be filled in, but often my grin gives me away.  I'm so transparent.

Chickie's the finest G-translator besides me.  But even better, she's our G-Whisperer.  They adore each other and it warms my heart to the core.  She's always shared a sweet bond with NickerDoodle.  They're best friends.  She's the glue that holds these boys of ours together...and frequently me.  We're blessed.  I'd be lost without my incredible Chickie.  Love love love her!

Kiddos Monkeying Around at Their Favorite Playground

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