Thursday, January 29, 2015

Late-Night Comedy Team

For hire:
Bright quirky Aspie jokester prodigy and perky silly Mom team of comics for immediate hire, limited bookings. Late Night is our forte'. Call today.

With G's idiosyncratic lens and my wacky creative slant, G and I make an odd yet symbiotic stand-up team. At least we crack ourselves up. ;) G makes up puns, jokes, witticisms constantly. Since he was low verbal in his tot/preschool years, he worked his humor skills for kudos. I've always used humor as positive intervention. For me, inward->outward.

Occasionally now, he'll make his entrance meekishly. This is my cue to "edit" the joke he's trying to form.

Scene: G building snowman, 20 feet away, highly-charged post school.

G: What did one book say to another book on a hot day?
Me: ?
G: It's feeling quite "summary" in here

I laughed, then took out my tiny mental red crayon to push his idea. I suggested to G the joke would be funnier would if it weren't 2 books, but something directly related to "summary".

I explained him also that because it was a spelling joke, it performs better in written form.

He pondered.

G Edited, 1st try, 60 seconds. Lightning fast for his verbal processing issues...

G: What did the back cover of a book say to the front cover on a hot day?
Me: ?
G: It's feeling quite "summary" back here.

Bravo, kiddo! His joke now makes sense and stands alone without the spelling...a thinker.

Humor to me is defined by thinking outside of the box. Taking a mundane idea and cranking the sublime. Logic -> Illogical. This we do with great flourish and joy in our home. If I go 15 minutes without laughing, at least internally, it's a rare and tragic event. What a delightful gift my coping skill has been.

G takes the ovation though. Through humor, he has broken his verbal barrier, perfected his physical humor through family antics and years of summer-long drama camp. His developing language, processing, logic and social skills converged when he jumped headfirst into using language science as a means to use humor towards social goals. Comedy enhances all of his goals.

Communication. Physical/Expessive Skills. Social Skills. Logic. Laughs.

That's all.

What else matters? 7 years ago I would've fainted if I'd known G would travel so far within and outside his skirmish of acronyms, a lucky few. I'm thankful for all that he is.

As abovementioned, I live to laugh. Works for PerkyMama! Bravo G, thanks family. Together we make it snappy!

On order at our library: Front cover, back cover including "summary". ;)

Read it? Au-some reviews! Looking forward to it.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Autism Hacks #7

Joyful morning "welcome to bus stop!" chat with a new neighbor, I attempted to look casual in my acronym maelstrom. 

Through our frosty car windows, across G - in full Michigan snow gear, plus foot deep backpack - shihtzu Cookie scratching to jump out...

Eeeeeeeeeeee! Verbal squeak phase. ASD ADHD oral sensory, check.

Carb Crave CSI Catastrophe, location of Swedish Fish stash comprimised. Asperger's/OCD, check.

Swimming wiggling Swedish Fish out in the frigid air. ADHD, check.

Sharky devouring of schools of them. ASD oral carb crave smashing sensory, check.

Ceaselessly citing fish facts. ASD + OCD, check.

Teasing the dog out the window with said fish. OCD, check.

Getting his stim on. ASD, check.

Sputtering "hello" to neighbor on command through gummy red hot mess. Sensory ick, check.

Forgetting gloves. ADD, check.

Being so overloaded he can't verbalize his need. Anxiety, check.

Using his eyes to guide me to his gloves. Tools, check.

Flagging down the driver who missed him. Tools in high gear, check.

Ready for school? Yikes!

Dear kind laughing neighbor, amazingly cool bus driver, G's busmates, schoolmates, Awesome Au-some teacher extraordinaire, and my G:

You rock! Breakfast dessert of champions, not. Blame me. I  made my choice in our morning panic (while smiling, asking neighbor about their newborn, wishing I wasn't wearing my teen's ski hat). G hunted out my sugar stash and chomped away (really only about 3, Chewy = slow BONUS!)

"ASD Eyes", our parental ASD filtering system, see all.

Sometimes we must pick our fish to fry. :/ Better to send G off with a happy flappy Swedish Fishface than an angry frustrated Stinkface. 

Good Luck! ♡

De-fish-ent ASD Parent
w/sense of humor

P.S. New neighbor, welcome to the hood! You're in for an education by default. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

No Socks, No Boots, No Problem!

Leaving a friend's home today, G stood looking out the door, fully geared from ankles up while we searched high and low for his socks which he inevitably always peels off. We finally gave up the hunt and told him to put his boots on without socks, which he also does 50% time in his haste.

"Nah, I'm fine!" G was out the door in a flash. Minus socks. Minus boots. Running/jumping into the Michigan snow/ice. We all simultaneously bolted and called him in.


Tonight after all others were nestled in slumber and we had time to discuss it, I asked G why he ran out barefoot this morning.
"I just wanted to."
Did he forget he didn't have shoes on?
"I just wanted to."
Was he trying to make us laugh?
"I just wanted to."
Were you trying to freak us out?
"I just wanted to."
I sighed.
Exasperated, "What? So you just decided you wanted to feel the snow or something?

"YES! I just wanted to!"

Kerplunk! Hit me over the head with a brick! Way to really listen with your ASD ears, Mama!
G is a sensory seeker naturally; sensory avoider notasmuch. His impulsive sensory seeking isn't logical, planned. It's just: GO!
No stops between.

I forget at times, fooled by G's high functioning, highly verbal, bright mind. He has incredible focus at school, thanks to ADHD meds and much therapy over 7 years since age 2. He excels and is gifted with a stellar memory. His interests, vocabulary, demeanor when speaking in his "reporting mode" is remarkably mature.
Yet...his sensory impulses are too difficult to control. Similar to a preschooler, his wildcard behavior is perplexing; at such polar odds with the logical practical mind G has.

I marvel at the dichotomy that ASD demonstrates daily.

I told G that when he grows up and gets a job, please don't stop at the door on the way to lunch one day, take off his shoes and go running in the snow. He understands the humor.

Then again, maybe we all need an icy plunge to put a zing in our footsteps.
Sensory Seeking =
Curiosity. Zest. Joy.
Pretty great stuff. If we could skip/regulate the dangerous impulses, I'm in.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Autism Hacks #6

Not. Just. Another Manic Panic Monday.
Transition to reality. Sigh. Groan. Screech! Most weeks, school routine/schedule gets off to a rocky start for our ASD kiddos. G frets about Monday all day Sunday, often Saturday.

G had a wonderful start and a perfect transition this Monday.

I'm learning: plenty of sleep, prep* and enough time to dance, sing and laugh. G loves to mimic Pitbull's "Fireball", just the one word, sung in raspy low key. Love it! I love to "wigglewigglewigglewiggle" while of course, wiggling.

*Shout out to Big Broski for helping Mom's Manic Panic Monday. My neatnik laid out all of G's school prep items. Wowza! My kids rock my world! I'm blessed!

Wake up all your senses, little Fireball!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Autism Hacks #5

Dear Santa,
I would like a puppy named Cookie. And that's it.
Love, G
December 2013

Santa Mama delivered. ;)

What a difference our first pet has made! "Cookie Dough" brings us together through laughter, snuggles and play. G taught her the joys of jacuzzi baths and long showers.  Now whenever any 5 of us in the fam turns on the tub, she comes scratching her way in within seconds. She adores water! G also taught her to swim in our pool last summer, patiently guiding her around the pool the way we taught each of our kiddos. Sweet! He adores her! Why did we ever wait so long?

Thanks Santa, from all of us! Fun year! ♡

Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Jewel in the Broccoli Crown?

Told G about this study that shows broccoli can help his worries (ASD symptoms). 

"Actually, that's awesome because broccoli actually happens to be in my top 10 foods. Top 5, actually."  

Can you see why some friends affectionately nicknamed G, "Actually"?

Actively Pinteresting Broccoli recipes...


Feel free to share recipes! ;)

Autism Hacks #4

Flutter on, SuperStar!
Happy Dance to a strike at disco bowling fundraiser.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Autism Hacks #2

Welcome Autism Hacks!
I'm kicking off a new series part of my New Year's resolution to lighten spirits, bring giggles, joy to ASD Social Media.
Share your quirks:
Submit photos, stories, ideas and I'll whip up a meme with creds. :)

Autism Hack #3

Welcome Autism Hacks!
I'm kicking off a new series part of my New Year's resolution to lighten spirits, bring giggles, joy to ASD Social Media.
Share your quirks:
Submit photos, stories, ideas and I'll whip up a meme with creds. :)

Waxing Frozen

"Look Mom, God's sprinkling fairy dust on our world!"
I loved G's poetic observation, until he broke out in, "Do you want to build a snowman?...", loud enough to make our sweet pup howl.
Yes, even 9 year old boys are afflicted with Frozen Mania. It's going to be a long Michigan winter. ;)

Autism Hack #1

Welcome Autism Hacks!
I'm kicking off a new series part of my New Year's resolution to lighten spirits, bring giggles, joy to ASD Social Media.
Share your quirks:
Submit photos, stories, ideas and I'll whip up a meme with creds. :)