Thursday, January 29, 2015

Autism Hacks #7

Joyful morning "welcome to bus stop!" chat with a new neighbor, I attempted to look casual in my acronym maelstrom. 

Through our frosty car windows, across G - in full Michigan snow gear, plus foot deep backpack - shihtzu Cookie scratching to jump out...

Eeeeeeeeeeee! Verbal squeak phase. ASD ADHD oral sensory, check.

Carb Crave CSI Catastrophe, location of Swedish Fish stash comprimised. Asperger's/OCD, check.

Swimming wiggling Swedish Fish out in the frigid air. ADHD, check.

Sharky devouring of schools of them. ASD oral carb crave smashing sensory, check.

Ceaselessly citing fish facts. ASD + OCD, check.

Teasing the dog out the window with said fish. OCD, check.

Getting his stim on. ASD, check.

Sputtering "hello" to neighbor on command through gummy red hot mess. Sensory ick, check.

Forgetting gloves. ADD, check.

Being so overloaded he can't verbalize his need. Anxiety, check.

Using his eyes to guide me to his gloves. Tools, check.

Flagging down the driver who missed him. Tools in high gear, check.

Ready for school? Yikes!

Dear kind laughing neighbor, amazingly cool bus driver, G's busmates, schoolmates, Awesome Au-some teacher extraordinaire, and my G:

You rock! Breakfast dessert of champions, not. Blame me. I  made my choice in our morning panic (while smiling, asking neighbor about their newborn, wishing I wasn't wearing my teen's ski hat). G hunted out my sugar stash and chomped away (really only about 3, Chewy = slow BONUS!)

"ASD Eyes", our parental ASD filtering system, see all.

Sometimes we must pick our fish to fry. :/ Better to send G off with a happy flappy Swedish Fishface than an angry frustrated Stinkface. 

Good Luck! ♡

De-fish-ent ASD Parent
w/sense of humor

P.S. New neighbor, welcome to the hood! You're in for an education by default. :)

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