Monday, May 7, 2012

Superpowers, Defined

Read this heartwarming post from a gem of a little sister. 
My Brother Has Real Superpowers | hereirawr
I've shared books, classes, support groups and constant reminders with my older children in helping them to understand and cope with their little brother's autism (etc.).  I know I'll share this post too.  I've recently begun searching for just the right book to open the door of awareness and hope for my special Scooter.  I don't think he has awareness yet of his differences, despite my openness and many attempts to explain his autism to him both casually and formally.  I think the visual and tactile sensory input from a book, app, or video may help him to "see" himself. 
I'd love suggestions on methodology or recommendations on books or other media.  He needs to be aware before first grade.  It will be my goal for the summer.  He needs to know that he is not alone in his struggles, differences,and above all- superpowers.