Sunday, August 7, 2011

PDQ #10

After circling our bikes around our court several times, G asked,
"Can we go on a walk with our bikes around the neighborhood?"

Hmmmm....translation processing....

Me chuckling,
"You mean a bike ride?"

G hoots, "YES!  Yay!"

Share and Share I “Like”


facebook Facebook. 

Whatever did we do for entertainment before this real-time, real-people reality showplace at our fingertips, at our whim?  I gain so much support, inspiration and information from my Perky “All in a Day’s Quirks” profile community. Autism parenting can be incredibly isolating.  Sharing and caring have helped me through the toughest times of my life.

My personal “P” profile allows me to stay connected with friends and family and keep a foot planted in a parallel reality.  My BA (Before Autism) “P” facebook community knew me before my jumpy-worried-stressed-overly-serious-exhausted-frustrated demeanor of late.  

Who needs reality tv?  You gotta love a place where you can escape to get "poked" by your:

  • 7th grade son’s ex-girlfriend’s mom
  • melancholy boss from a college internship
  • a sarcastic cat, like her marvelous mama
  • haute hairdresser I wish I could afford
  • first heartbreak - no worries, I’m over it
  • neighbor that you only see on facebook
  • smooth sultry singer cousin/soul sista
  • adoption social worker whom I adore
  • college prof who made all the girls swoon -though I was dutifully focused on sketches
  • grade school BFF (and entire family)
  • crazy cartoonist
  • daughter’s favorite coach
  • Player who’s “Facebook Official” relationships are too numerous to count
  • Look-at-me-having-fun-are you-jealous self portraitist
  • “friend” that you really can’t stand but “friend-ed” because they’re your friend’s friend
  • friend’s friend who has the same zany sense of humor so you “friend-ed” but haven’t met   
  • funny faraway friend whose entire family can hang a spoon from their noses
  • former neighbor with sizzling pole dance instructor career
  • cousin-in-law’s neighbor’s job share partner who has a child with autism
  • Under-employed friend with 3K+ fb “friends” who proclaims, “I’m never on facebook”
  • magnificent muralist
  • party-like-a-rockstar recruiter
  • Crush from 80’s,+ his charming gay partner
  • ex-fiance's failed 12-step program sponsor
  • groovin’ world music radio host
  • pimply kid from middle school voted most likely to get into a pyramid scheme
  • White Rain big hair babe from middle school
  • super-fine “party in the back” mullet dude from high school
  • hippie chick who spent 1980-83 stoned
  • quarter-bounce/euchre HS primo hostess
  • fellow alumnus who admitted he doesn’t recall much from college (including you)
  • dental hygienist who suggested laughing gas because “it’s better than sex”
  • friend’s illegitimate daughter’s illegitimate child’s estranged baby-daddy
  • wickedly rude goad monster who plays victim in love relationships
  • Mafioso wise-guy, no photos please
  • classic car connoisseur with a fierce Napoleon complex
  • aunt’s conservative cleaning lady
  • geographically-challenged Mensa Man
  • proud parent of piercing/tattoo artist extraordinaire
  • playgroup-mom-turned-swinger, TMI!
  • stalker-esque person you block from everything but are afraid to unfriend (Thank goodness for privacy settings!)
  • 3rd cousin twice-removed’s realtor niece
  • Home party mompreneur who posted 50x/day until you blocked her, sorry
  • Uber-judgemental fundamentalist with up-to-the-minute hateful diatribes
  • G’s OT goddess from 3 years ago but isn’t covered by new crap insurance
  • a brilliant gazillionaire
  • famously talented socially inept plumber
  • decades-ago "friend with benefits"
  • a happy horse
  • Autism Warriors soulmates who light up facebook in the wee hours.

Truth: I enjoy each and every member of my personal facebook community of friends for their encouragement, laughs and wisdom they share - or strictly entertainment value.   Know-it-all-Nesbit, Debbie Downer, Wild Wayne, Pretty Profile Pix Pam, Information Ike, Sharyl Share-it-all, Defacedbook Don, Political Paul, Regina Rant, Laurie Links, Best Blog Benny, Inspiration Isa or my besties – you rock my facebook world! 

Small Print:

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, creatures or facebook friends, living or dead, is purely coincidental.  Open-mouthed smile  Mostly.  You know who you are…shhhhhh.