Saturday, May 16, 2015

Autism Hacks #17: Campfire Songs?

G's obsessed with campfires. We have them several times a week from spring till fall. I've gotten talented at finding dry wood; we even have campfires in the rain. I have to watch G constantly, for safety. Thus, I've made a nice little firepit area in the packed dirt that used to be under a pool in the backyard.

A generous neighbor recently gifted us with a beautiful chiminea that they no longer use. I decided to put it front and center next to a sweet bistro table in the front yard. This way we could have 2 areas - a private spot and a second to interact with neighbors, and watch G unobtrusively without following him up and down the block to his friends.
We gave our new area a try. I was excited at the prospect of socializing with walking neighbors. Spring, sunshine, kids, bikes, dogs, lawn mowers...weeds. I began picking weeds as G poked the fire. I had the grand idea of burning them, trying to entertain the boys and save our garden. Stuffing them down, they caused a plume of smoke that threatened to put out the fire. 

G was inspired to break into song,
"We're smokin'
every day!"

Teen broski didnt even know the song. YouTube? I had to look it up, turns out its a song by Snoop Dogg. Yikes! 

So much for wanting to socialize with neighbors...really I have no idea how he knows this song. Ah, the joys of inappropriate scripting. Proud moments.

I snorted with laughter and giggled for days. We're loving the new campfire spot. Spreading awareness and giggles even when we're gardening.

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