Saturday, February 27, 2010

Can I do nothing the simple way?

Feb 27, 2010 

My 3rd miracle baby/1st biobaby was specified today non-specified. autism’s star equivalent to 70’s schizophrenia. dumping ground. esoteric. yet oddly Pervasive with a slight penchant for less or more services based on lots of $, PAPER time tears plus or minus the square root of my heart…

I mean truly…I’m not usually too big a whiner…am I? nah don’t want to know right now. scratch.

The point is, I gotta write that book. blog. tweet. website. social media group. whatever. this life o’mine has been way too much fun to keep to myself.

repeat: can I do nothing the simple way? patti prefers undulating un-simple pathways weeping with worry delighting in design wondrous words friendly faces

Plus: her toxic 10, find out wh...



no. time. now.

I’m gonna turn up some music and shake it up with my “whine”.

Maybe some blues. Oh yeah.

Note to self: start my groovin’ G on music therapy in the morning…

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