Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pee Stick Memorabilia?

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Ok admit it - who saved their home pregnancy test?
Was the Facebook question.

My answer, a story I'll tell over and over until everyone is tired of it. 
I'll write the embellished story later.

After years of infertility treatments, dozens of pg tests,
giving up on the bio route and 2 wonderful adopted children; no.
But 4 years later when I took a test and it read +,
I went and bought 4 more, just to be sure.
I took photos through my tears, and still have the tests. You betcha! ;}
Little G was our 3rd little miracle, a bio-miracle. 
Ok, crying now...

Check out what EPT is doing to help you cherish those pee sticks forever.
They're offering a gift with purchase to "Remember the Moment You Knew" .
Maybe I'll order one, especially since they're purplicious. 
Only problem is, I don't need any pregnancy tests!  ;}

The offer (coupon outdated!):

The fun article:

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