Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playing it By Ear

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A few weeks ago I had a blocked ear and used ear drops and a bulb syringe to flush out my ears.  I repeated the process for 3 days to clear my ear.  As expected, G was fascinated with the process and asked lots of questions, watched from every angle, looked at and handled all the equipment carefully. 

Tonight as I was helping my daughter with her homework (Mom's preoccupied!), he slammed a kitchen drawer and ran around our well-worn circle pathway - kitchen, hallway, foyer, great room, and back.  Round and round he goes....  Stimming: a sure sign that he's up to something.  

He stopped to drag a kitchen stool to the sink while excitedly waving a turkey baster.  He cranked the water to "blast" mode.   I hesitated, then I figured - oh let him play, squirt some water while we conquer story problems. 

Next thing I know, my daughter shouts, "No!" 

I snap my head around to see G, head tilted, squeezing water from the turkey baster in to his ear! 

What a funny photo that would've made if only I'd been prepared!  Or not working on left-brained math...

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