Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Bus Stops Here

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G had school this morning instead of his usual afternoon time because Parent/Teacher conferences are this week.  Strange, but that's school for you.  So G's big sister M came outside with us while G watched the garbage truck in its full glory (bonus!).  She waited for a few minutes with us for his bus before heading off to her own.  She asked, "G, is your small bus going to pick you up this morning?"  He emphatically replied, "No!  Not the small bus, the big one!"  She wondered, "Oh, I thought you loved your bus!"  With a sweeping hand motion G explained, "I do, but it's growing bigger and bigger.  It's gonna be like yours someday."
Perfect metaphor for my G:
enjoy the scenery while we wait for progress
We can only hope, little man. 

This is how Perky gets her Perk!
I forgot how wonderful it is to wave goodbye and settle in with a cup of java cuddled close in the morning. I can't remember the last time I was alone this early!  Take time to smell the coffee...ahhh.  I may not get a thing done...but I won't feel too guilty because I have a full day from noon on.  I dream that, but I hear the laundry calling as I type.  "Hey Lady!  Clean me, sort me, fold me!  I'm yours!"
Reality calls, but it was nice to post before midnight!  Espresso myself!

Enjoy your day's journeys.

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