Thursday, January 27, 2011

iFinder is a Keeper

Stop!  Do you have an iPad or iTouch?
Download and activate the "Find my iTouch/iPad" app. This smart app finds idevices on a map, sounds alarm, displays a customizable message even when screen is locked, and can wipe personal info should it be lost for good. This nifty app can be activated on older iTouch models if you have a newer device activated.
Too late for me – we lost G's.  Sad smile   Maybe not too late for you!
Find my iTouch:
Find my iTouch older models (pre- 4G)
Find my iPad:
Easy Setup Instructions

My family has searched the house and cars at least 50 times for G’s iTouch (was mine once upon a time Smile).  I never lose big item$!  We always stored it in the same spot, we charged it when not in use.   I had over 100 apps for G on it which I’ll have to re-purchase if/when I get another one.  I read about all these cool new apps and I’m just sick about losing ours.  I attended an autism friendly app presentation tonight and now I’m really itching for G to try them.  I love to watch him discover features and see the delight on his face.  My daughter got a new 4G iTouch for Christmas, so if I’d known about this app, I could have enabled it on his 2G iTouch.  A day late (several) and $1 short ($225)  I’ll be activating it on hers first thing in the morning.
  g itouch4
I hope we can find it, I’m not giving up!  Send good karma, send prayers, send the patron saint of lost items (is there one?), an angel, good vibes, psychic insights, or just plain old luck.  Smile 

Download it! 
Do it, NOW!

*Note: After 3+ weeks,
we found G's lost itouch.
S$$$ooooo relieved!
I'm buying a neon bright case and activating Find My iTouch!

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