Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Resolution Revolution

Betsey Johnson Izzy
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New Year's Resolution?
The best exercise
for the heart
is bending down
to help someone up. ♥

 ..then 30+ mins.


with joy!

Love these! 
(unfortunately, my back wouldn't!)
Velvet Angels Falcon

Before you begin any new exercise program, be sure to consult your
dancing shoes...

Reminiscent of my beautiful Bridesmaids shoes.
My all-time favorite
electric Periwinkle hue
on my all-time favorite ladies!
Elegant! RSVP Ivana
Sofft Reyna
While those above may appeal to my taste, the shoes below are better suited to my aging bod...

Naughty Monkey Turn Out

Dr. Martens
Dansko Professional

Ugg Cayha
Sadly, this are the type of footwear I wear most often these days...
all the better to shuffle with!

Art for the soul/soles....
While I don't have the venues nor the funds for these beauties at this stage of my life,
I love to browse! 
For more incredible purplicious shoes, visit:
Zappos rocks a full spectrum of colors and designs.

Thousands of emotions
well up inside me throughout the day.
They are released when I dance.
~Abraham Lincoln

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