Sunday, February 20, 2011

It’s a Jungle, Hear Me Roar!


This girl’s NEVER worn a short skirt.  Oh well, not my gift.  But I do have a mighty talent for:

“uses a machete to cut through red tape”

Just heard this funky Cake song and it sparked my day.  I’ve always loved that brilliant line.  Tell me, is this the definition of Mama Warrior?   Yeah, right? 

A day without fresh obstacles is like a day holed up in a cozy cave denying reality (a luxury not probable).  Luckily, most of us are working so many issues that we can always help make tracks with one if another should encounter a storm.  The great balance of life, survival of the fittest.  Great moments are out there; we must bravely gear up, map our way, seek a guide, cut through the jungle to take a peek, clear a path with our warrior machete, roar when needed and fight for the prize.  Speak firmly and carry a big machete - of knowledge - no violence please.  Surprised smile 

Over the next few months, I’ll be working my Mama Warrior moxie to slice through miles and miles of red tape.   IEP, testing, research, therapy, goals, funding plus countless daily adventures.  Sound familiar, Mamas?  



Jungle jam,

jungle jig

plod away

quicksand doubt

jungle terror

dance on out

sunshine beacon

precious nurture

spectrum sparkle

a child’s future.

PerkyQuirks 2011                                                I love the prism of sunlight I caught yesterday in this backyard photo of G.

You are Queen of the JungleRoar, Mama Warriors!



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