Sunday, May 29, 2011

Smooches Gracias

I was headed out for my annual day trip with cousins.  I called out to my family, “I’m leaving!  Have fun at Grandma’s!”  As is customary, they all came to hug and kiss me goodbye, except…
G was eating cereal and didn’t come bounding up as usual.  I went through my litany of instructions and reminders to my kids and husband, got a fecutie patootie (2)w more hugs from my darling daughter, and turned to leave.  G snuck up on me at the last minute, carrying his bowl and grinning.  As he leaned up to kiss me, his bowl tilted, spilling  his dry cereal on the floor (it was still there when I got home – surprise!)  Winking smile       I hugged him and turned to leave, crunching the fallen cereal.  He shouted, “Wait!  Wait! C’mere!”       I leaned down for another kiss.  Instead he grabbed my face with his sticky-icky free hand, turned my head to the side, smooching me on the cheek, then turned it and smooched my other cheek.  The result was a super sticky mess of my carefully (rarely) made up face – sweet gooey-ness pulling at my skin and dripping down my cheeks. 

So worth it!   Smile 

When my older two children were toddlers, I made up “Smooches Gracias” for smooches from my little Hispanic miracle babies.  Today’s sweet kiss was a “Muchas Smooches Gracias!”

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