Thursday, August 11, 2011

PDQ #9

My 12 year old N took a big wipeout on his bike yesterday, I didn't even know about it for 10 minutes.  I iced it when we got home, but it still looked horrible hours later when I checked it while he was sleeping, 2 huge scrapes and a large bump on his tender calf.
Today he wiped out on blacktop while we were at PEAC for G's final summer bike program.  He was acting quick to avoid hitting G who cut him off, and wiped out himself.  Nice big bro!  About halfway to getting him cleaned up and bandaged, it occurred to me...
He didn't cry.  My little boy (always a baby to mama!) is too grown up to cry anymore.  It kinda makes me sad. 
Thankfully he's not too old to hug, or tickle.  In fact, the most delightful sound ever is his giggle when he's tickled.  It sounds identical to when he was an itty bitty baby.  I can't hear it without giggling myself.  I hope he keeps his giggle. 

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