Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brought to You By the Letter B


Scrabble_DeluxGameMultitasking fun…G and I dragged a bunch of board games to the deck so that we could enjoy the gorgeous fall day while N and M did their homework.  I was close enough to help with homework, but quiet enough to sit at the same table.  In between turns, I framed up N and M’s school pix.  G oft-times lingers to ponder random subjects, count his letters, read the words on the board, etc.  Glancing at his letters, I threw in a suggestion (or 22) as well. 

Finally, “G, WHAT are you looking for?”  grumbled impatient sis who was supposed to be doing math.



mac and cheeseJust then, the oven timer beeped, creating sweet harmony with G’s semi-automatic clip of B’s.  I pranced inside to check the lavish frozen (shhhhh!) mac n’ cheese bubbling happily in the oven.  Perfect, I added a layer of cheddar jack to make a fine crust and reset the timer.  I threw on some veggies and returned outside.  N had retreated inside to escape G’s “B!”, which he continued at frenzied decibels. 

I calmly got down and maneuvered my body, my face to gaze into his, “What word are you trying to spell – I’ll help.”

“B!”, pulling away.

“What word do you need B for?”, re-connecting. 

“Bra!  B-R-A!”


This sent us all into hysterics, which made G grumpy.  But it sent him into action.  He stole a B from another word on the board, “Bank” and made his word.  scrabble


I don’t even bother to check if the neighbors hear anymore.  G makes himself known. 

Still giggling, I sputtered,

“How do you know how to spell bra!?!?” 

His standard reply,

“I dunno, I just do.” 

…and he walked away, bored now with his completed task.

The mystery continues. 

I can’t wait to see what today’s vocabulary word is.


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