Wednesday, September 7, 2011

By the #'s

Mommy had a bit of a perky bonus today.  I took some time for basic maintenance/updating on my blog, facebook and emails.  Blogger has a new format - they must be trying to keep up with Facebook, who changes formats and privacy options it seems monthly.

In the midst of checking out the new changes, I saw they have enhanced the detail area of site hit demographics  (or I just never delved into it that far).  You can now see countries and number of hits from each, etc., no personal info of course (though no doubt big budget marketers have that capability).  Kinda cool to look at periodically I suppose. 

Anyway, I saw my hit counter and my eyes did a double take.  The number was about 6K more than my hit counter showed.  I updated it to reflect the Blogger stat, of course they're correct.  I've been meaning to check into it, because my hit counter sends a weekly update and each day is listed as having 0 visits, which of course I knew was wrong based on email/facebook comments and live/phone discussions. next project is to search for a reliable hit counter that won't send a barrage of spam and email.  Coolness factor is optional but of course preferred.  :)

Any suggestions?

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