Saturday, November 5, 2011

PDQ #21

  We're trying a new med "combo" with G.  His tics were so bad that he couldn't stop himself and tic-ed all day and night.  It was intrusive and OCD.  The new meds have worked magic to make his non-stop tics vanish.  What a relief.  I don't want him singled out and teased.  He already struggles with so many social challenges.
I'm not certain if it's the new meds, but he has had a few potty accidents.  Shocking because he hasn't for a long long time. Years.   He's avoiding potty needs at school, which is a worry for me.  He runs home from the busstop and flies into the bathroom each day.   He began to have accidents and peed his bed 3 times in 1 week. He even pooped his pants twice!  He has become constipated, never an issue for him.  I'm pretty certain it's from holding it in each day.
Along with this, G's also getting night frights.  Some may be caused from the Halloween factor, but he's not really exposed to scary things.  Many nights he trudges down to sleep on a couch or gets in bed with us.  Tonight was such a night.  I asked him to let me spread a blanket under him in case he had an accident.
Ever so seriously, G replied, "Well, but I only have accidents on garbage truck day."
As my kids would shout, "Random!!!"

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